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book_bitem_cover600Nick Jacobs’  You Hold ‘Em. I’ll bite ‘Em. – One Guy’s Journey from Son to Father to Grandfather – Is the perfect gift for everyone  who has shared the joys and laughter of growing up, and of being a mom, dad or grandparent.

Based on Nick’s long-running newspaper columns, You Hold ‘Em. I’ll Bite ‘Em. is a warm and witty, wild and wacky romp through family life that you won’t be able to put down.

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Or, mail check or money order $12.95 + $4.50 S&H ($17.45 total) to:

F. Nicholas Jacobs, FACHE
100 Anderson St.
Suite #124
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Voice: (412) 992-6197

What they’re saying about You Hold ‘Em. I’ll bite ‘Em:

“Nick Jacobs reminds me of my own life,  whether reminiscing about my sisters, or now with my own daughters.  It’s belly-laugh-out-loud humor with an all-too-honest look at life. Parenting is the most trying, most creative, and most hysterically funny job I’ve ever had,  and Nick always paints life as a masterpiece. Well done!”
Amy Stone, RFI Energy, LP

“Priceless… Spontaneous … An outrageously funny read! A treasure of thoughtful and hilarious reminders of the true meaning of parenthood and childhood. This book should be enjoyed often… you won’t put it down!”
—Jacqueline Joseph, CMG, Inc.

“From teacher, to nationally-known hospital president, to comedy writer… Nick has done it all! He’s a hospital executive a sense of humor… It’s a world gone mad!”
—Manning James O’Connor, Esq.

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Nick Jacobs’ critically-acclaimed first book, Taking the Hell Out of Healthcare, can also be purchased securely online or by mail at  the address above.

Why this book was written:

Mary was admitted to a tertiary hospital for open heart surgery. The surgery did not go well and had to be repeated the following day. Then, her physician placed her in a drug induced coma for 10 days, and transferred her to a specialty care hospital for a month, during which time she was placed on fifteen different medications that had her in a near vegetative state, and where she contracted what could have been a terminal infection.

These drugs had been prescribed by five different, independent physicians who had not checked the necessary drug interaction information.

All of this proved, once again, that the system is broken. We are treating organs instead of people.

As the patient’s advocate, we had Mary weaned from the majority of these dangerous and mostly unnecessary drugs, lobbied for her for physical therapy, and helped nurture her back to health.

Exactly one year later, she is at her daughter’s home and doing just fine.

What they’re Saying About Taking the Hell Out of Healthcare

“With twenty years in health care administration, Nick Jacobs brings directly to the patients and their families the information essential to comprehend the nuances of the complex quagmire of experiences that make up the American healthcare system. Jacobs is truly a committed patient advocate, and this book is a must read.”

–Dr. Dean Ornish
Founder, Preventative Medicine Research Institute

“I hope I never have to use all the tremendously practical, caring information Nick Jacobs has put into this important book. But in case I do I kept reading, as page after page gave me new understanding on our health care system that had been mysterious or frightening. If you or anyone you care about is facing a hospital stay, read this book. It will give you education, security, and most importantly, hope.”

–Bruce Cryer
President and CEO, HeartMath
Co-author, From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance

“Nick Jacobs’ long experience in American healthcare pays off for patients and their loved ones who want to know the best way to advocate for themselves in today’s healthcare maze. A critical read for anyone who wants to get the most out of their healthcare journey.”

–Craig D. Shriver, MD FACS Colonel MC

General Surgery Director, and Principal Investigator – Clinical Breast Care Project
Walter Reed Army Medical Center

“Nick Jacobs provides a clear guidebook to those of us who find ourselves in a hospital. He poses the questions that we should be asking –but often forget to and answers them in plain English so that we can enter the strange world of medicine with greater comfort and less anxiety– then go home again feeling not only cured, but good.”

–Paul F. Levy
President and Chief Executive Officer
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

“Nick Jacobs has dedicated his life to improving the lives of others. His unique, seasoned inside look into hospitals will arm you with the information to get the best health care for you and your family.”

–Tony Chen
Founder of

“Nick Jacobs likes being Nick Jacobs, and that is a very good thing for hundreds of hospital staff and patients at Windber Medical Center. His is a special kind of ego that says he can do better by his patients and staff than just about anyone else. That’s no idle boast. See for yourself. His brand of management has done very good things for all concerned. Learn for yourself. Read on.”

–Zane Knauss
Publicist and Writer

“Taking the Hell Out of Healthcare provides the patient with a practical (and sometimes humorous) view on how to navigate the healthcare system. Don’t leave home without it!”

–Beth Bierbower
Vice President of Product Innovation
Humana Inc.

“…If I were 40 years younger, I’d like to go to work for Nick Jacobs and try to learn from him…I was very impressed with Nick, with all the things that he’s done in terms of the healing environment and the impact that that can have on an organization.”

–Gail Warden
President Emeritus of Henry Ford Health System



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