What the Heck is Going On?

September 21st, 2009 by Nick Jacobs Leave a reply »

Over the years it has been my aspiration to try very hard to help you laugh, and, regardless of the depth of the topic, I’ve always looked to find humor somewhere in the message. For example, potty training, Smokey the Bear, flying DVD’s, even old dogs with no tricks.

Today, however, I am writing about an issue that may inflame some of you and prove to be very troubling to others.  It’s not my goal to do either.  I’d just like to bring into focus the crazy stuff that seems to be taking us over, a kind of Bird Brain Flu that doesn’t have a vaccine and that appears to be enveloping our nation.

You see, it is my humble opinion that we as a country have reached a new low point in dumbness.  The wild, inflammatory rhetoric, a/k/a crazy talk that’s being spouted every day, appears to be pushing the fringe players out from under their rocks and their basement fortresses.  This political flu is taking us to levels of foolishness  that are so low that even a Limbo expert couldn’t fit under the broom stick.


Have you noticed how open public hatred and outright prejudice has become?  It’s like we’re living a rap song from Gran Torino. Each and every day we hear the ranting of media talking heads leading the charge to endorse this movement.  For those of you who have read my work over the past few years, you know that I personally am repulsed by bullies, by racists, and by those who believe they are superior to other human beings.

The new accusations and sick suggestions that are the current craze are veiled as protests regarding big government, health insurance reform, and a lack of confidence in the ship of state.  What they really seem to be, however, is fear and lack of tolerance for our President.  So what if you don’t like him?  There still have to be some limits and boundaries. Are there any more lines?

I’m telling you, the crazies are coming out from their caves.  Seriously, watch out for them.  Many of these radicals are great examples of why some animals eat their young.

Just last week on a trip to Washington D.C., I had to be evacuated from the Pittsburgh airport because a passenger was carrying a defused hand grenade in his suitcase.  What is the single thought that must be in the mind of any individual who believes that a weapon, even, as it turned out, an inert one, such as that grenade, would be okay to pack for your plane ride?  Let me guess.  That thought was “Duh?”

It seems that every time some poor innocent gets shot in this country, there was some fringe individual who believed that he was not only given permission to take their life, but that there was an overwhelming endorsement of his actions that would somehow vilify him from any prosecution, and reward him with glory.  Does that sound like the Jihadi 72 virgins thing to you?

Yes, we have freedom of speech.  Yes, we have the right to bear arms, but do we have the right to just be nuts in public?  Maybe instead of statins in the water system to control cholesterol, or fluoride to prevent tooth decay, we should start putting Zoloft or some other  selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) in that keep the brain from becoming unbalanced.


What’s wrong with love, kindness, and the golden rule, of doing to your neighbor as you would have them do unto you? Can’t we look for compromise without demonizing those with opposite views?

Can’t we stop endorsing or even worse stop inflaming those with extreme views?  When is enough enough?  When will we return to civility, to compromise, and to brotherhood?  Would you rather have peace, love, and rock ‘n roll, or “Go ahead. Make my day, @#%&+^@#”?



  1. Betsy Kuhn says:

    Great posting. What I can’t figure out is, how do we effectively counter these people? How do you challenge someone who’s rude, loud, and believes crazy things? How does someone who believes in the Golden Rule take on someone who doesn’t without resorting to their lowly tactics?

  2. Nick Jacobs says:

    It’s taken me 62 years to figure that out, and I’m still working hard at it. You see, it is my fundamental belief that doing good for the right reasons is always the correct thing to do. The problem is that, my opposition thinks that as well, and the bigger problem is; how does one define what is GOOD.

    For example, allowing another human being to suffer and possibly die because they have no medical coverage in one of the world’s richest countries doesn’t seem right, but there are actually religions that teach its members that God selects those who should receive the gifts and they should not share those gifts because they have been individually chosen to have more abundance.

    Yikes. That’s almost a “Don’t do unto others . . . “philosophy. I’m not religious, but I am spiritual, and when someone is screaming at me, I immediately go into an analytical mode. It always makes me wonder what has caused their deep passion. Is it a low self-image, abuse as a child, deep insecurities, a lousy homelife? Usually, I end up trying to disarm them intellectually, and when that fails, one must realize that 10% of people will never go along with CHANGE of any kind, and safety to them is the status quo . . . no matter what the price.

    That’s when I calmly walk away and take my blood pressure meds.

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