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On the Road Again

November 9th, 2008

This week we are off to Charleston, South Carolina to present a keynote speech for the Carolina’s Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Society Fall Conference. The primary theme of the presentation will be directed toward creating a market niche through instituting an Optimal Healing or Planetree Environment and then promoting that niche through Web 2.0 techniques. Truthfully, the art (not the science) of marketing and public relations has been a dominant driver in my career, and this presentation will be coming directly from the heart, as I combine my two greatest work passions for a single presentation.

After the Carolina blitz, we are off to the Clinical Breast Care Project off-site with Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Hershey. This year we will celebrate over a decade of amazing progress, advancements, and scientific growth.

COL Craig D Shriver, MD

COL Craig D Shriver, MD

We will also celebrate our Principal Investigator’s mile-stone birthday, a significant birthday that brings him closer to the age of “Yoda” wisdom. When we began this journey together Dr. Craig Shriver was a young Lieutenant Colonel and I was, well, I was the age that he just embraced at this birthday. Time flies as we work diligently to find breakthroughs and eventual cures for breast cancer. Dr. Shriver has been an amazing partner and friend, and I can only hope that we will have opportunities to continue our work together in some significant ways in the future.

So, what else has been happening? With SunStone Consulting we have been working with Corathers Consulting and numerous regional hospitals to begin serious fiber networking and telemedicine technology for telepsychiatry. How did this come about? A funny thing happened on the way to an economic bailout. Inserted in the $700+ B bailout was parity for mental health coverage and included in that parity is the ability to compensate psychiatrists for their work in telemedicine. Let the networking begin.

Intelli-Surge is doing a tremendous amount of work in the region to assist several local hospitals in their efforts to construct new buildings. The uniqueness of their approach is that hospitals will be able to build thier facilities without necessarily having to come up with the enormous amounts of cash typically required for this work.

Finally, Pittsburgh Gateways is helping several of us to come together for economic development gains for the Greater Pittsburgh region. With their guidance and connectivity we are hopeful that the future will be filled with opportunities for economic stability for many of the start-up companies in our area.

So, off for another round of busy . . . as we do our thing in the air and on the ground.