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Do You Have The Guts?

April 4th, 2008

As very small children, the funniest jokes that kids can come up with always seem to be "poopy talk" jokes.  As we age, it is interesting that we remain shy about our natural functions.  In fact, some people are so shy that they would rather die than say, do, or even think about anything related to their colons. 

The E-mail that I received this week was a challenge to "Take the Test," and, although it was an advertisement, there were enough good points made in that E-mail that I decided to dedicate this week’s blog to Katie Couric.  In 2000, Katie submitted herself to a public colonoscopy on national television.  Why?  Because she had lost her husband at the relatively young age of 42 to colon cancer. 

After Katie’s big adventure, among the 400 gastroenterologists surveyed, the number of colonoscopies performed each month rose from an average of 15 before the Couric exam to 18.1 after.  It was so successful that it is still referred to as the Couric Effect.

As indicated in the correspondence, over 150,000 people are diagnosed with colon cancer each year and at least 1/3 of them die.  Unlike ovarian and numerous other cancers, there are several screening tests available to determine the presence of colon cancer. 

At a meeting last year our Chief of Medicine stated that "There is no longer a reason why anyone should die from colon cancer."

Even though it was part of my suggested battery of tests the year before, my colonoscopy was completed a few months ago.  Except for the fact that I woke up with a few children’s tattoos on my body from our playful employees and a threat that there would be a video at 11, all went well. 

Okay, I will admit that the preparation for the test was somewhat of a drag, but it wasn’t as bad as being a long term patient.

The goal of their E-mail was for us to persuade everyone to use their diagnostics. The quoted website was: 

The goal of this blog is to get you to think about taking care of yourself.  It is to convince you to love yourself and your family enough to ensure that you all have a future.  It is to get you to be saved by having a colon test, some test, any test. 

If you’re still embarrassed by colon jokes, GET OVER IT.

It could truly be a matter of life or death.