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Our Dark Side (or Who Was Nice and Who Was NOT)

October 10th, 2006

Let me begin by putting all of my cards on the table. This is not meant to be a sour grapes rant. It’s intended to keep us focused on this short journey through time and space called life. It’s meant to remind us how much nicer it could be if we simply embraced The Golden Rule. No, not the one about "He who has the most gold rules."

Sandiego_animation2 As a birthday gift to my retired brother, my present to him was a trip to San Diego to see the Chargers vs.the Steelers. Please, no applause, it was partial payment for a lifetime of IOU’s.

During this four day journey into uncharted waters, we had an opportunity to observe literally thousands of people in every aspect of living. To begin to express the contrasts that we witnessed might be as difficult as differentiating between the management style of Curious George the Monkey compared to General George the Patton.

The one-for-all-and-all-for-myself mentality clearly won out in this climatic paradise known as San Diego. Rudeness, insensitivity and some deeply misplaced anger ruled the day at the game. Passion and sportsmanship were outweighed by alcohol, anger and toxic behavior.

In mixed company with children present, the screaming attendees in our section sounded more like x-rated rappers than passionate fans. Believe me, I’m no goody-two-shoes, but, seriously…it was somewhat NUTS. There were fights, near fights and taunting wishes for fights. There was a point at which, during our walk out of the stadium, we had a genuine feeling of "will we get out of here with our limbs intact?"…and THEY HAD WON THE GAME.

Amish_childrenThe purpose of this blog is not to bore you with sports information, it is to question the future of our galaxy. Will we fight and scream and kick ourselves into oblivion when there are clearly better choices? It’s like the current contrasts between North Korea and the Amish. What an amazing example they have both presented to us this past week.

It doesn’t have to all be about conservative or liberal politics, religious choices, or one sports team versus another. It can be about humanness. It can be about this journey together on this tiny little planet called Earth and about making that trip with dignity, understanding  and human consciousness.