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What Makes Nick Tick?

May 29th, 2012

First I would like to reinforce what drives me as a person and consultant along with my purpose and passion.   My training and background is in Education, the Arts, and Healthcare Administration, but I was mentored and guided by people who added intuitive management capabilities to my skill base.  In simple terms, despite what the financial analysis and traditional business people may say, those mentors helped me understand that two plus two can equal 5 or 55; not always from a logical or traditional standpoint but from a creative and passionate one.

In July of 1975 one of my mentors was hospitalized and while I was sitting with him he turned to me and uttered his last words, “What happened to Dick Tracy today?”  He embraced humor to the very end and passed away minutes later at the age of 58.   He was my father, and the experience that our family had in that health care institution made me want to avoid hospitals at all costs forever.  Instead, I later decided that I would not only enter hospitals but would also work to lead them and change the philosophy of how patients are treated.   As a CEO, we offered integrative medicine, aroma, massage, pet, music and humor therapy as well as all other certified modalities in integrative holistic medicine, but most importantly, our patients were never asked to leave their dignity at the door.

From that day forward I dedicated much of what I do to those people who help other people with their own health by using my ability and knowledge from both my creative and innovative education to the more concrete business and reality skills that I’ve developed as a CEO and Founder of a Research Institute.    During the last 25 years I have met incredible people both nationally and internationally and have done my best to share what I believe is a tremendous failing in the health care industry; providing patient centered care with compassion by creating a truly healing environment through entrepreneurship.

My vision is simple.  Strategically help you to reach your goals in an exciting and creative manner.  This is not about a business plan, this is about a deliberate strategic plan centered in Integrative Medicine and the new techologies and with evidence based outcomes, we will demonstrate how you can fit into this ever evolving new world order as the current system continues to shift dramatically.

With innovation, compassion and creativity, the future can most assuredly be incredibly exciting.