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Employee Centered Care

September 27th, 2008

There is a very popular book, DVD, and pop culture hit entitled “The Secret.”  Only two days ago I made a 12 hour round trip to Syracuse, New York to speak to a group of Human Resource professionals from New York State.  (It was faster than flying from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia to Syracuse.)  It struck me that my presentation could have been called The Secret.  It could be, but truthfully it really is no secret at all.  Most probably it would have been better to have named it “Common Sense.”  

The speech was all about treating  employees as well as the patients.  Employee empowerment,  physical wellness, communications, emotional health, the use of integrative health techniques, employee personal growth, dedication to fun, and, most importantly, the elimination of bullies from the workplace are just a few of the major topics that we discussed with our audience.

Interestingly enough, the outcomes generated from these actions are not only remarkable, they are, in fact, predictable.  Exceptional stability in the workplace with barely a 10% turnover rate; impressive HCHAPS scores,  high employee satisfaction ratings, low infection rates, extremely low settlement rates from lawsuits of any kind, and high profitability created from a word of mouth chain of endorsements that results in enormous increases in the patient count. 

So, it is all about common sense. If you treat your employees with respect, and love, they will do the same for the patients.  If you nurture them, care about them, assist them, pay attention to them, and are open and honest with them, they will do the same for you and for the patients. 

Wanna know more about this revolutionary new way of caring for employees, just give us a call.