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To Belgrade

October 13th, 2007

It’s about 11:30 AM on Saturday, 10/12/07, and I’m on my way to Kennedy.  That’s JFK Airport in New York City.  This will be a very long day as I wait until 7:00 PM for a connecting flight to Paris, and then run for 45 minutes through that airport to make my next fight to Belgrade. Once in Serbia, we will deplane and almost immediately make a speech to the participants of the World Health Congress on Cardiology.

I’m not exactly sure what we will be finding there, but, not unlike my trips to Nigeria and Bosnia, the one thing that I am sure that I will find will be wonderful, friendly people.  In fact, my brother, Charlie and a Serbian-born friend, Steve, will be there with me.

We will be meeting with the Minister of Health, the Head of Military Medicine and a Health Spa.  Then we will head home on Thursday.  It will be lots and lots of travel, lots and lots of talking, and not much sleep, but next weekend will give me plenty of time for that.

So, hang on to  your hats.  I’ll try to connect from Serbia, but, since getting Serbian dollars at the exchange here has not been possible, we’ll just see  how things go. 

The adventure begins.